In this video below, I explain the awards in a bit more detail.

2018 Videographer Awards

Award for Excellence - Product Category

Paul Fennell - Videopartner Corporate Documentary Australia was awarded on "Excellence" and one "Distinction".

This video (below) was produced by me for Fuji-Xerox Australia and was awarded "Excellence"

Award for Excellence - Product Category


"Judging for The Videographer Awards will be done this year by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). AMCP is a third party evaluator of creative work by marketing and communication professionals and has been judging competitions for two decades. AMCP judges are chosen based on their extensive experience and proven creativity in the video field. The Videographer Award of Excellence is awarded to those entries whose ability to capture the event or communicate the message is exceptional. The Award of Distinction is presented for projects that exceed industry standards, while Honorable Mention is awarded to projects that uphold industry standards."