Corporate Video Production Sydney

Testimonials from our clients

8 January, 2018


“I have been working with Paul for over 10 years for some very good reasons. Paul produces videos that continue to surprise in all the right ways. We will continue working with Paul and his small team on future projects.


Jeremy Plint

Director of Strategy

Corpwrite Communications Pty Ltd


18 January, 2017


“I found Paul really easy to work with, it became obvious early on in the project that he has a lot of experience and he was at the same time very keen to understand and clarify our requirements and goals beforehand. Paul turned the project around very quickly and the quality of the work he delivered was outstanding.


Christina Zimmer

Global Marketing & Communications Specialist

Océ - Vancouver BC CANADA

5 February 2015


“Congratulations on the two brilliant customer case studies for Cook Medical and Georges. As a participant in the Cook video, I can appreciate how much effort you put in and also how professional you are. You made me feel at ease and very comfortable.


Nick O’Neil

Canon Professional Services

Brisbane, QLD

4 February 2015


“I would like to recognise you for the unbelievable work in the production of the AP [Accounts Payable] videos for SKO15 [Sales Kick Off]. The video presentations are the best vehicle I have seen in my 8 years at Canon to articulate a success story to the wider sales team. Great job!


Richard Henley

Assistant General Manager - Solutions

Canon Australia

22 November 2013


“Thank you for being a technical and creative genius. You have been very generous with your time and skills and we could not have done it without you.


Ann Kalpage

Human Resources

Canon Australia